Monday, October 15, 2012

Using a separate monitor for reference photos

The photo I used for this painting was taken on a very smoky day this fall.  The wind was from the north, blowing in smoke from fires in Montana.   I  recently bought a new 23" monitor which I connect to my laptop and display the photo I am using for reference in the studio.  I hung it on the wall on a mount that I can move so I can pull it closer to me or push further away.  I like it much better than printed photos, even from the drugstore.  My own printer leaves most of the color out, so it is useless, but I have been very pleased with the monitor.  It lets me see all the color, even in the dark areas. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall is over in Colorado's high country

Started as a plein air piece, but finished in studio and given to friends of mine.  This was a glorious autumn and I went to Cataract Lake, where this was painted three times in one week!  The first time I hiked there, and I swore I would come back to paint.  I did, twice.  I just finished a large painting from a photo I took while there.  I will post it in a day or so.