Saturday, October 23, 2010

Will Paint for Food! Small format show

The co-op gallery in Breckenridge that I have my work in is doing a small format show this holiday season to benefit our local food bank. We are calling the show "Will Paint for Food" and we have asked the artists to use the food theme for their artwork. It doesn't have to be a bowl of food as I have above (onions) but it could be cows in a field, a cafe scene, a sign; anything that relates to the food theme somehow. We will have prizes and also a "people's choice" award. Our visitors always like being a part of the show, and we are asking them for a can a food or $1 for each vote. They can vote as often as they like for their favorite! In fact, we would love it if they stuff the ballot box. Anyone can enter, and if you are interested, you will find the info on our website at Just go to the Small Format show section and click on the "application" link for information.


  1. Hello Joanne, what a wonderful idea. Lots of luck with the show.

  2. Hopefully it will help the food bank. Thanks Carol!

  3. Great idea for a show. Love the colors and compostion of this.

  4. Joanne: love looking at your website and blog! I also love the idea of the "will paint for food" as a non-profit event. Perhaps I'll pass it on to the local art guild.

    The still life is wonderful! As is all your work.