Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A quick oil sketch

I have been participating in a group who is trying to paint from life, every day. The every day part is tough and I haven't been good about doing it that often. It is still a bit cold in the mountains of Colorado to get outside to paint. I have three cats, so decided they will be good subjects during nap time. Today I must have been too noisy as they kept moving. I wiped off two starts when my subject left, and started two more which never did get finished. This one isn't finished either, but I liked my start so won't wipe it off. I just wish I had wiped out the sketch lines of the parallel angles in the bottom center. I didn't notice them until I photographed it. It is amazing how many things show up in a photo that you don't notice while you are working on it.

Monday, April 2, 2012

New Zealand in summer, a great time to paint!

We have been in New Zealand for almost 6 weeks now and will be leaving a week from today.

I have loved being here and plan on coming back next year to do it all over again, but it will be good to get home. I have tried to paint every day, although it has been very rainy and I cannot paint inside in our rented house, so it has limited me. Still, I got a couple of dozen small paintings done. I don't necessarily want anyone to see them all, but this is one that came out ok. The photo is a bit washed out and perhaps I should have darkened it before posting, but I really don't like to manipulate the photos and prefer to just post what I get. If I want a better photo, I should get a better photographer! ;)