Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A quick oil sketch

I have been participating in a group who is trying to paint from life, every day. The every day part is tough and I haven't been good about doing it that often. It is still a bit cold in the mountains of Colorado to get outside to paint. I have three cats, so decided they will be good subjects during nap time. Today I must have been too noisy as they kept moving. I wiped off two starts when my subject left, and started two more which never did get finished. This one isn't finished either, but I liked my start so won't wipe it off. I just wish I had wiped out the sketch lines of the parallel angles in the bottom center. I didn't notice them until I photographed it. It is amazing how many things show up in a photo that you don't notice while you are working on it.


  1. I like it, you captured what you wanted to say with just the eyes and paws. It would work even if you didn't take it any further. So peaceful.

  2. thanks Pat. I am going to try again today and hope they don't keep moving. The first time I did it they stayed put for quite a while.