Sunday, September 1, 2013

Painting small and often

This summer I attended a three day paint out in Crested Butte with the Plein Air Artists of Colorado (PAAC).  We had lots of fun and painted every day.  This is one I painted after I got home.  I saw this dog chasing sticks his owner was throwing to him and had to photograph him.  The color of the water was amazing, and the lake was aptly named Emerald Lake.  A 6x6, this is one of several of that size that I have done lately, trying to do one each day, unless I am working on bigger paintings.   I hesitate to call it a "project" as many have done with small daily paintings, as I know already that I won't do one daily.  But in my head, it is called 6x6x60, meaning that my intention is to do 60 of them.  It might take me a year (or more) but I will eventually get 60 of them done. 


  1. Love it Joanne. I bet it was beautiful to see up close. I look forward to seeing what you paint.

  2. Thanks Carol! You certainly are a faithful reader, no matter how seldom I post!