Monday, November 30, 2009

Attending a Carol Marine workshop in Sedona

Today was another experience with the F word (frustration, in case you didn't read my last post). But it was good frustration as I know I will learn from it. Trying to paint a lime that looks round should be is really nothing but a green egg! But I couldn't do a round lime or an oval lemon. Normally I would have turped the panel out, but I decided to keep it as I will compare Friday's painting with it and see the progress I hope I have made. I am sure I will get better. That is why there is no photo attached to this post. Perhaps there will be one later in the week.

Part of the issue may be that I am reversing how I paint. Normally I get my darks in first and then move to lights. Carol does the reverse, painting what she calls the "vulnerable" areas (the ones more likely to be contaminated and become muddy) first. It will take some practice for me to get that down, but painting for 5 days, all day, will give me lots of practice! I spent this evening studying round forms like apples and oranges on her website. They are all done with straight lines. No curves at all.

A quote from the class handout that I liked " There are no rules in painting, only consequences". That is a good one for this person who likes to know the rules.

Carol did a fabulous demo of four apples (not 3 or rules). Simple, but wonderful. Hopefully she will post it on her blog in a day or so.

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