Friday, December 18, 2009

Surfing art websites on a cold night

One of the things I really like to do when I have time to sit with my laptop on my lap (as opposed to a cat) is to surf other artist's websites and blogs. A few of my favorites are Carol Marine, Karin Jurick and my sister Adele. Once I look through the blog posts I haven't read and check out their new paintings, I start clicking on the blogroll links and look at the other artists they link to. Some new favorites I found just tonight are Aaron Lifferth and Doug Braithwaite. Another artist Carol turned me on to in the workshop I took two weeks ago is Qaing Huang (pronounced Chong Wong).

There are certainly some incredible artists online! With the amount of artwork they sell, there must be lots of collectors out there as well.

I hate posting a blog post with no photo but I can't post someone else's work without their permission. How about a painting I did right after the workshop with Carol? For a person who doesn't like to draw, and who does primarily landscapes, this was a challenge!


  1. Did you begin to paint really four years ago ?. That is a bad lie. Don´t be afraid is one joke. You paint very well and I like yours colors, I am always a bit mad about colors.

  2. HI Julian, I love color myself, but every now and then I get the comment that I am relying too much on color and not enough on value! Maybe....
    Comments like that make me think about it at least. There is still lots to learn! Four more years and I should be lots better, but I do feel that I am making progress. Thanks for your nice comments!