Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hooray, I got in!

I came home yesterday to a letter from the Evergreen Artist's Association informing me that this painting, Beaver Pond, had been accepted into the Evergreen Art Open. It is a juried show, and I am very pleased, as one of 70 out of 265 entries, to be part of the show. The juror was Doug Dawson, a very respected artist who teaches at the Denver Art Students League, among other places.
We leave for Sedona the first week in April, but will need to be home in time to deliver it to the Center for the Arts in Evergreen on the 18th. The reception will be between 5 and 8pm on Friday, April 23rd. The Center for the Arts is at the corner of Hwy 74 and Squaw Pass Rd in Evergreen, next to the Buchanan Recreation Center.
This is the first time I have entered into anything other than our local co-op gallery, so I am very excited to have had it accepted. In a couple of weeks I will hear if I got into two outdoor shows that I entered. I have hopes for one but I hear the other one is tough to get into, so we will see how those go.


  1. I hope you win some prize. This painting has a real atmosphere and beatiful colors. Good luck!

    It is a beautiful painting and to be selected in a juried show~~~WOW!!!
    All the best to you and also good luck on the two outdoor shows~~~

  3. Thanks Julian and Jan for your good wishes! I am lucky to get in, and winning a prize would be a little much at this point. Maybe in a year or two as I get better. This isn't a big show, but being the first one, it is exciting for me.

  4. This is a beautiful painting! Congratulations!!

  5. Congratulations! I'm going to have to start running or you're going to catch up and surpass me!