Thursday, May 6, 2010

Continuing the fall theme

A quick little 6x8 painting I did as an experiment in being loose. I call it "Windblown". It took me about 45 minutes to paint and then a couple of days to look at it and see if I liked it or not. Then I spent another half hour tweaking it :)
The hardest thing for me to do is to make a confident, yet casual, brush stroke. I see confidence and edges as the two main things that separate amateur from professional. Laying that brush stroke down and knowing it is in the right place, with the right value and color, is hard for me. I tend to put it there, and then change it. Not confident at all! But I am gradually getting there.
Now I look at this photo, I see one or two things I need to change, but heck, maybe I will just leave it alone.....


  1. Love the pink passage you threw in there! I'd leave it alone...

  2. Thanks Susan, I may tweak the upper left corner just a little....

  3. Very good painting. I'm glad I'm not the only one without confidence some times when laying the brush strokes down.

  4. I suspect there might be few of us Anthony!

  5. Hi Joanne,
    Could you please go to my blog and leave your url in the comment section so that I can add you to the "blogs I'm following" section ?!I keep running into a glitch there!
    Thanks...have a great weekend!
    And most importantly- LOVE this painting! Great colors!

  6. Thanks Joanne! Got it!
    In order to add you to "my blog list" I had to have your proper url. Now your blog is listed with the other blogs I follow on my blog page!