Saturday, January 8, 2011

Getting adventurous!

My last post was a painting of an animal and in this one, I have people! This painting is only 6x8, so they are actually just a couple of brushstrokes, but I don't often put people in my landscapes. This painting is a study to work out the composition for a larger piece, and yes, I know the fishermen are right in the middle! Does it bother you? I look at the people, the yellow bushes to their left and the colorful tall tree behind them as a triangle that is the focal point, rather than just the fishermen. I may change my mind when I do it larger and I might move them over a little bit, but why not break the rules?

I see other artists who do it all the time, and it works, so hopefully this will too.


  1. Beautiful blues and you did a great job with your figures! Well done!

  2. thanks Linda! It is fun to just try to suggest rather than detail the figures. Diffcult to do!

  3. Beautiful piece. So softly painted and the colors are gorgeous. The figure does not bother me at all being where he is. Just a suggestion of a figure. You are right, there are many other interesting things going on besides the fisherman.
    Thanks for the workshop suggestion. Will check her out. Happy 2011!

  4. bellissimo!!!
    Brava Joanne
    Volevo proporti questo evento di mail art - arte postale

    sarebbe bello averti con noi...qui in Italia.

  5. Hi,Joanne.I am so glad to come across your blog.You have a lovely blog and your landscapes are wonderful and so colorful.

  6. This is a lovely colourful painting and the figures are fine where they are. I find that the beautiful blue of the water, reflecting the sky is what I saw first, leading me to the fisherman whose rod led to the bushes on the right of the river. My eye then travelled across the orange reflection on the water, and around to the yellow bushes and trees. So in fact, for me the fisherman helped to lead me through the painting! And you have just the right about of information with those few simple stokes in forming the fisherman. Well done!
    I also like your explanation of the Ram and realizing that you needed to change the colour temperature of the grass. We always look to value and it's a good reminder to think about temperature when trying to solve a problem. Thanks for your kind comment!

  7. Joanne I don't have a problem with the people at all...after all in real life people are sometimes in the middle of the scene. This is a wonderful painting.


  8. Thanks to all of you for the nice comments. It is great to get feedback when you are unsure of something....either good or bad, but extra nice when it is good!