Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Getting ready to go to New Zealand

This painting sold this week....yaay! It seems that art sales are picking up again. I have heard good things from a lot of different artists.
I have been too long delayed in posting something new, but I haven't had much time to paint. My sister Adele and I leave in two weeks for New Zealand and I have been on full speed trying to get everything done before I go. We are doing our scouting trip for the watercolor holiday that she and Joe Garcia will be conducting a year from now, in February/March 2012. I get to go along as chief cook and bottlewasher :)

The trip this year is to make sure that we like the cabins we have selected for our lodging and want to be certain we have alternative places to paint if (or when) it rains. We also want to check out the restaurants and bakeries that we are planning on using, to make sure that they are still in business and still serving good food. Yum! We have to check on transportation as we think that we will hire a small bus rather than driving two vans ourselves when we do our daily trips. That is undetermined until we talk to the bus company. It seems that New Zealand businesses just haven't got the hang of doing business on the internet. They are bad at answering emails and websites often are pretty sketchy. But that is ok, I don't mind checking it out in person!
We will have 18 to 20 people on the holiday; just over half being painters and the rest spouses and partners wanting to also see New Zealand. Deposits are due in by the end of the month and we have a waiting list, so if some drop off, it looks like it will still be full. We will probably do another workshop the following year, in 2013, and may bring in guest instructors too, so we can cover both oil and watercolor. New Zealand is a fabulous country, and so paintable!


  1. Hey Joanne, enjoy your trip to New Zealand. Look forward to seeing your paintings when you return, or will you be blogging from there?

  2. Joanne: I'm loving your work! Seeing it on the blog inspires me to start one of my own.

    The New Zealand holiday will be here before we know it! I envy you and Adele for your trip in two weeks. As another crew member on the painting holiday, I'm looking forward to showing the participants the places I love in the Matakana area.

    Cheers! Anne (or better know as Joe Garcia's wife!)

  3. Hi Carol, I will be blogging while there, although not sure if it will be on this one or not. I may not have a lot of time to paint. Dell and I will be posting daily at www.paintnewzealand.blogspot.com at least.

  4. Hi Anne,
    you have had lots of experience starting blogs now (Anne did the www.paintnewzealand.blogspot.com blog for us) so I would love to see the one you do featuring your photography. It would be a good addition to our family of blogs!