Saturday, February 26, 2011

If art sales are coming back, is the economy better?

I have heard, from many different artists, that art sales seem to be coming back. The Southeastern Wildlife Exhibit in Charleston, SC had some good sales, and several galleries I am familiar with have had some recent success. I sold two small paintings today myself, and I see the ability of people to buy things other than necessities as a good indicator of comfort with the economy. People are seeming to not be so concerned with buying things that truly are optional purchases.
As I sell real estate in a resort market, (buying a second home really means you have confidence in your ability to pay for it!) I am glad to see it. I also love the fact that perhaps the many artists I know that are self supporting, will be able to eat something other than rice and beans or Ramen noodles!
Are the rest of you seeing the same thing in your area? Hopefully it is a national trend.


  1. Beautiful one, Joanne. Well, I don't now about in my area because I'm not in touch with other local artists but in 2010 I sold 5 of my painted tables, two acrylic and two watercolor paintings. That's really good for a no name, self-taught artist like myself who sells by word of mouth. I have gotten brave enough to enter an art show this August to put my work out there to the general public. I'm excited about that. Just to watch people as they look at my work and listen to any comments will be so interesting. If I sell, even better but, I'm not worried about that. Your work is awesome, if you are not selling perhaps you are not targeting the right market for you.

  2. HI Carol, If you can do those kind of sales in a really bad year, imagine what you will do this year! Good luck with your competition.
    My sales have actually picked up too, so that is good!

  3. Lovely painting!