Thursday, April 21, 2011

Aspen color in April

I live in the mountains of Colorado, and it is still snowing here! While it is great for the ski areas, by April I am ready for flowers and green grass. I am so tired of white! Our landscapes are still under a couple of feet of snow and I am ready for some color.

Little pieces (6x8) always sell well in the gallery, and aspen with fall color do especially well. My biggest issue is to try to vary them somewhat and not get bored with painting them. The photo I used for this reference had more orange and green than others I have done, so it is a little different than others I have done. Will it sell as well? We will see I guess!

My goal this month is three a week, but this one doesn't count as I did it about a month ago. I was hoping this month would be a little quieter at work so I would have more time to paint, but so far it isn't looking like it will be. I will just have to make the painting time. I put it on my calendar first and schedule around it when I have to, and this month will be one of those times.


  1. Thanks Pam! I like your latest one too. I saw it on my dashboard do wasn't there to comment, but it was nice!