Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gone to the dogs

I haven't had a chance to paint much since I got back from New Zealand, but I just got another painting finished yesterday. One of the first paintings I ever did was a dog, but I have concentrated on landscapes the last four or five years. I am now trying to expand my horizons a little bit by adding some people and animals to my repertoire.

A couple of weeks ago I posted my last painting of a couple of puppies chowing down their dinner, and today it is a retriever ready for his owner to throw a stick out into the water again. I am at my sister's house in Arizona this week, helping her get her house ready to put on the market so that she can move to New Zealand. She needs to paint too, as she has a show coming up and several galleries to supply, so we had agreed we would spend every morning painting. We were not able to paint this morning as we supplies to pick up and some shopping to do, so tomorrow we have to get back at it. She has an entry to finish for Birds in Art and I have some prep work to do for a larger painting I will work on for the painting class I am taking this semester at the local junior college.

Once I get home again, my goal will be to turn out about three paintings a week, so hopefully they will be worth posting and won't be wiped off! I have got to paint in order to improve my skills. As they say, practice makes perfect.....