Thursday, January 7, 2010

Painting with friends

In a prior post about finding time to paint, I mentioned that I paint weekly with a group of friends. That group, the Blue River Artists, now has a north location in Dillon as well as our old location in the Arts District of Breckenridge. Tonight was our first night to get together. From left to right you can see Joe Dennis, me, Diane Johnston, then really small in the back, Kris Lee, Bonnie Norling Wakeman and Marianna Duford. We paint at the Lake Dillon Art Center, a new art center that is the brainchild of Matt Lit, the photographer who took this photo tonight and kindly allowed me to lift it from his facebook page.
We had a great time and plan to be back there next week for more painting time.


  1. that nice!!!
    painting whit friends, lovely!!
    great job joanne!!

    my english ist bad, really bad!!
    kisses from argentina

  2. Hola Elina, your English is much better than my Spanish! Thank you for visiting. I hope to see you again!