Friday, January 15, 2010

Where is the best place to buy art supplies?

It is a frequent question I get from local artist friends. I live in a resort area, about 60 miles from Denver, and art supplies are very limited locally. Our Jerry's Artarama store in Denver just closed. Meiningers is a very well known Art store that has been here for years. They always have a good selection of product, but still, it takes most of a day to get there and back with a couple of other stops on the way.

Hurrah for the internet! Jerry's, Dick Blick and others are available online, but my favorite is ASW (Art Supply Warehouse). They have great prices, a fabulous selection of items and shipping is only $6.95 per order. With many websites, the shipping costs can eat up the savings you get by ordering online. Periodically ASW emails coupons for 15% off your entire order of $125 or more. I keep a list of what I am getting low on and when I get the coupon, I can order right away. It is usually only good for a day or two. They ship you a catalog with your first order, but now that I am familiar with their website, I don't use it as much. Hower, it is easier to find a specific item if you have the catalog number for it.

Above is my latest painting, a 16x20. I did a little study first to make sure it would work, as I don't paint large very often. The photo I used as reference is one I took on the Park County side of Hoosier Pass in September. I love the color we have at that time of year!


  1. Hi Joanne. All who are living outside cities have the same problem for buying colors or another stuff. But the most important is to enjoy painting. This my new philosophy. Your last painting is again a very beautiful I love those autum colors and its reflection on water.

  2. Thanks for your wonderful comment Julian! Reflections can be difficult to paint if I think of them as reflections, but if I just paint the color I see, it works out better.
    Like all other painting :)

  3. Joanne, This is a lovely piece. I really like the trees and the fall colors are wonderful and not overdone. It is so easy to overdo the fall colors. Nice reflections too.

  4. Thanks Carol, for the nice comments. It is one of my favorite paintings to date.