Saturday, January 23, 2010

Getting ready for a show

It isn't a big show I am getting ready for. I am featured artist in February at Arts Alive, the Co-op gallery in which I hang in Breckenridge. It has been a very good gallery for me and I had great sales this summer. I am very active in the Summit County Arts Council, which is the non-profit organization that runs the gallery. We feature a different gallery artist each month, and February will be my month. I am treating it as if I had a one person show opening in a big, fancy gallery. It will be good practice if nothing else, and perhaps it will also generate some sales. I have put together about 100 invitations for the reception on February 13, so I hope to have a good turnout.

I have been spending a lot of time painting. This little one above is a 6x8 called "Golden Pond". I was pleased with the way it came out and will probably use it as a study for a larger piece. I have several larger pieces for this show. My biggest piece in the gallery to date has been 11x14, so the other artists will be surprised to see larger work from me. I started out painting small and am comfortable with it. Because the gallery is in a resort area, many of our clients are from out of town, and they prefer small pieces for ease of travel. Also, we sell mostly less expensive (under $300) work in the gallery, and it makes sense to paint to the price range that sells.

After I get all the work hung next week, I will post a photo of the display.


  1. Terrific. I would say it's an impressionist painting.

  2. thanks Julian! I tried a larger version of it today and ended up wiping it out. Not my day to paint. I was tired as I skied all day, so probably shouldn't have even tried.

  3. Very nice painting! Just found your blog and I am looking forward to visiting you often. I have been painting about 2 years and now it is an obsession. Love it and love this blogging.

  4. Hi Linda, I see you follow V....Vaughn's blog. That must be how you found mine. Isn't she a wonderful painter! Glad you have you visit and hope to have to back again. Your comment reminded me that I really need to update this post with a post about how the reception went. Of course I forgot to take photos!