Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My favorite color

This is the painting I like best from the ones I did last week in my sister's studio in Arizona. It is called "Autumn on the Blue" and it is from a photo I took of the Blue River in Summit County, Colorado. Of course, tomorrow my favorite could be a different one, but it will probably have fall color in it! Indian Yellow is one of my most used colors of paint. Adding white to any color cools it and makes it chalky. Adding Indian Yellow warms it right up again but as it is transparent, it doesn't change values or opacity. I can't paint Colorado landscapes with aspen and cottonwoods in the fall without Indian Yellow! It gives a much nicer color than mixing any of the oranges or reds that I have tried to mix with Cad Yellow.
My palette is pretty limited, intentionally. Perhaps it is time I started trying a few other colors as well. I usually have a warm and a cool of each primary, plus white and Burnt Umber (and Indian Yellow!) My sister swears by Permanent Rose, so I guess I should give it a try one day.
Every time I attend a workshop, I always make sure I have all the colors on the materials list, but I find I still continue to use the ones I am used to. Mixing is easier when you know what you are going to get! Then again, visit Karin Jurick's blog and watch the video of her laying out her palette. It takes about 5 or 6 minutes and she uses about 50 different colors. Ahh, to paint like Karin Jurick!! Do you think if I buy all the colors she uses I will paint like her? I wish it were that easy.....


  1. I think I talked you into Indian Yellow and initially met with resistance as I do now when I suggest Permanent Rose! Try it, you'll like it - especially Indian Yellow mixed with Permanent Rose.

    To paint like Karin Jurick? Yoda says, 'do or do not - there is no try'.

    BTW, nice painting!

  2. One more tube of paint to haul around with me! I think I gave my tube of Permanent Rose to you as I never used it. When you are here in June I will borrow some and give it a try!
    Thanks for the comment about the painting...I think you had some input as I was doing it!

  3. Surprisingly, the Carol Marine's blog is talking about Indian Yellow color today. I'll have to buy it, seeing the results so good that you are getting. I don't like too much some paintings by Karen Jurick, she uses sad colors but different strokes for different folks.

  4. I do love the yellows in this painting and they compliment the blue tones of the water...very pretty~~~

  5. I looked at Carol's blog yesterday but she must have posted after my visit. Great minds think alike! Thanks for your nice comments Julian and Janice!

  6. Beautiful artwork! Colors drew me right in.
    LOVE Colorado! Have you ever been to the top of Mt. Evans? One of the most (literally) breathtaking places!
    I will enjoy following your blog!(Found you through Janice's blog!!!)

  7. I have been to the top of Mt Evans. You can drive right up there. Here we have to hike to the top, but it isn't so bad when you are starting at 9,000 feet. Going up to 12 or 13,000 feet is a little bit easier. I like your avatar of the Tetons....will have to go and find your blog too. Thanks for the visit Samantha!